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The Art of Medical Tattooing Embracing & Restoring Breast Cancer Patients



The art of medical tattoo helps to restore what cancer took away after reconstructive mastectomy procedures, recreating the natural breast appearance. This is a two step non surgical procedure.

The art of recreating the areola's natural look and the three-dimensional natural nipple protrusion appearance by the art of color and technique. 

Please call or book your free consultation. I would love to hear form you!! 

Insurance reimbursement is available in some cases. Restrictions apply. Call or schedule your free consultation!!


3D AREOLA BILATERAL                              $695

Medical Tattoo is a delicate and delightful procedure that  blends Art, Medicine, and The Beauty of Permanent Cosmetics, recreating the skin’s normal appearance with Color and Technique. We understand patients needs and the process they already went through. 3D Areola is a non-surgical procedure, non-laser treatment and can be completed  in a two hour appointment. Give us a call to schedule a free consultation. 


3D AREOLA UNILATERAL                          $450

Symmetry, color and shape combine together to match the existing breast. Unilateral cases can be challenging  and we combine experience, colors and techniques to meet your expectations. 


TOUCH UP AFTER INITIAL VISIT                    $350

TOUCH UP AFTER  A YEAR                                $550

3 D Areola Micro-pigmentation requires a touch up and revision visit 6-8 weeks after your initial micro-pigmentation. A complete color refresh may be needed after two years.

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SCAR CAMOUFLAGE         $150

Scar camouflage is a medical tattoo skin repigmentation procedure to correct a scar or skin area that is missing natural pigment caused by an injury, burn, surgical procedure or by a loss of pigment in the skin. Call today or schedule your free consultation!!


Scalp micro-pigmentation therapy is a safe permanent medical tattoo non-surgical procedure that creates the appearance of hair density and camouflages bald spots on the scalp, restores hair line, thinning hair, and scalp surgical scars. This therapy has instant results with very little maintenance. Schedule today!!

                                                                                                    TERMS AND CONDITIONS

                                                                                  All services require a $50 deposit at the time of booking.

                                                                                  48 hours notice for cancelletions & rescheduling appt. 

                                                                         Cancellation Policy – Deposits are non-refundable

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